The Board and Management of New Hall International School warmly welcome back our pupils, parents and teaching and non – teaching staff to a new academic session. We hope you all have had a beautiful holiday and are ready for the work and fun ahead.

As usual we have a theme for the session, and this session our theme is culture. The theme will guide our interactions among students, parents, teachers and management staff through the session.

We realize that the relationship between culture and education is inseparable, because there can be no culture without education and no education without culture. Throughout the session activities both inside and outside the classrooms will be done deliberately to show each child how the ultimate goal of his or her education is to advance and preserve culture. Beginning with etiquette in the first term, various elements of culture will be taught for discussion and practice among children according to their classes.

We solicit the support of parents and guardians in achieving the targets set for each child. We enjoin parents to constantly communicate the progress and challenges of their child or children with teachers and school management. Ours is a free environment, parents are welcomed at any time during school hours to talk to any of the school management staff about the progress of their children and the school.

All through the last holiday our teachers and management have participated in various professional development programmes and we are confident that our performance this session will be better, in line with our culture of continuous improvement.

We look forward to a session where the management and teachers and parents work together for the progress of every child in our school.  The school calendar for the session is available on the school website and each child’s target will be sent home in due course. We would be happy if parents review classwork and projects with their children in preparation for continuous assessments and examinations.

In conclusion, we are delighted to have all of our children, both old and new, in school for 2019/2020 session. We also congratulate the few new teachers who have just joined the school. New Hall is the place to be! As we all continue to strive in our pursuit of excellence, we hope that the entire members of New Hall Family work harder this session to maintain our track record of excellence and to reach new frontiers.

Happy Resumption!