Tuition and Fees


The School fees are usually stated at the beginning of the admissions process for a specific year. It includes the registration fee, the tuition fee, educational resources fee, School uniform, bus, lunch and extra-curricular.


The registration fee is a one-time non-refundable payment and is due before a child is accepted for enrollment.


The School Head will inform parents of current tuition when a child is enrolled. Tuition should be paid in advance and is due before the first day of School for each term. NO CASH PAYMENT PLEASE.

Payments should be made directly to the School’s account at the designated bank, bank pay-in-slips will be provided for this purpose. Copies of pay-in-slips with the child’s name should be deposited with the School’s Accountant for receipts to be issued.


The School does not refund fees once payment has been made for any reason.

There is no reduction in tuition for absence from School as the cost of maintaining a child in School continues even when child is absent.

Please note that those who have not paid the due fees by second week of the term after resumption will not be allowed in School until such fees are paid.