[18months - 24months]

Montessori curriculum is used at this early stage to help students learn independency, practical and cultural skills.

Foundations are laid for future learning by providing experiences that build children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Looking at books, listening to tapes and inviting people to visit provides language development necessary to complement and enrich the children’s learning.Creative activities are available daily and are varied throughout the week. The children will experiment using paints, play dough, sand, water, crayons, chalk and glue.

Counting rhymes is an enjoyable way of learning how to count, such activities like sharing toys, sorting toys and colour matching are pleasant ways of making learning fun. To promote self reliance and self confidence skills we encourage the children to help tidy up the toys they have played with. We give the children small tasks within their capacities and use praise to recognize and reward what they have done.

Throughout the year, there are well-planned opportunities for the children to learn about materials, living things and the changing seasons. Carefully chosen themes provide a useful focus for learning about the environment. The children’s interest in living things is fostered by growing seeds, and learning about various animals and birds on their visits out of School.

There are good strategies to monitor and evaluate the children’s play and to record their achievements and needs.