[24months - 36months]

Montessori curriculum is used at this early stage to help students learn independence, practical life and cultural skills.

Classrooms in nursery have two sections. One section of the room is rugged for children to play, listen to stories and sing. Opportunities for dancing, singing and having fun aim to boost  children’s confidence and help develop their personalities.

The other section of the room is for ‘messy’ play and is where opportunities to be creative are provided through use of paints, glue, play dough, water, sand, crayons, chalks and art and craft works. Children are encouraged to experiment using hands and fingers.

Children will begin to form friendships, learn to share toys and interact with their peer group at this stage. We encourage the children to participate in everyday activities such as helping to tidy up the toys they have played with.

At this age they will begin to recognize objects, pictures and develop awareness for their likes and dislikes. Through word association, stories, songs and rhymes, we help to develop the children’s understanding of the world around them and encourage them to develop their language, knowledge and confidence.