October 2023 Edition

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Our Esteemed Parents/Guardians,


We have come to the end of half-term of Term 1 (2023/2024) and it has been seven (7) weeks of intensive and fun learning. We thank God for His mercy and for His protection. We want to appreciate you for your unfailing support. Words cannot be enough to express our gratitude for the successful National Day celebration and your presence at the event. We deeply appreciate our parents who gave us some of their time in order to be part of the Parents’ Teaching Day. The children were very delighted to see their parents in the classroom.




The children would be going on an educational excursion to Mindscape, Lekki on Tuesday, 24th of October, 2023. We encourage the parents to drop off the children by 7:00 am prompt and pick them up by 3:30 pm prompt.


 We appreciate the attendance of our parents during the last Open Day and your constructive feedback is well taken. We shall work and improve on the areas highlighted by you.


We would appreciate it when our parents keep the hair cut of the boy-child low and the girl child pleated hair devoid of hair accessories. Their nails should also be trimmed to avoid them injuring themselves with long nails.


We want to appeal to our parents to kindly read and acknowledge the message we send home via the Communication Book. We need your constant feedback on how we can serve you better. Please, walk and work with us!


The children will be on mid-term break from Monday 23rd of October to 27th of October, 2024 and shall return to school on the 30th of October, 2023. In order to have a productive and an engaging mid-term, the children have been given some assignments. We enjoin our parents to help ensure that the assignments are done and turned over on the day they return to school.


Kindly be reminded that parents shall be sent an invite and shall be given Access Card to all school events. This is to help us prepare adequately for our parents and to have seamless programmes.


We thank our parents who have joined the Telegram channel for the Nursery. We encourage our new parents to download the Telegram so they can be added to it. Once you have done the downloading, kindly click on the link below.


We encourage our new parents to kindly respond to our parents’ data survey by following the link below to the questionnaire which can be accessed on any device:

The information you provide will be extremely useful in ensuring that the service we provide continues to meet the needs of our child(ren) going forward. We assure you that every information provided by you will be treated as confidential.

  • Fun Day: Saturday 21st of October, 2023
  • Nursery Special Assembly: Thursday 2nd of Nov, 2023
  • Nursery Exams: Wed 6th – Fri 8th Dec, 2023
  • Class Party:  Wed 13 December, 2023
  • Family Christmas Concert/Vacation: Thurs 14th Dec, 2023


How to Enhance Your Child’s Emotional Stability

Does your child know how to overcome fear on the first day of school? To manage anxiety during exams? To control anger when upset with playmates? Teaching your child to manage one’s emotions in times of stress or conflict is critical as this will also determine one’s emotional stability later on in life.

Dr. Joselyn Eusebio, an expert in developmental paediatrics, defines emotional stability as “the capacity to maintain one’s emotional balance under stressful circumstances.” It is the strength of a person’s emotions, the ability to handle difficulties in his/her life and to understand and have empathy for others. With strong emotional stability, children can mature with a happy outlook in life. They can also achieve more academic and professional success.

“If the child doesn’t have emotional stability in the home, chances are that the child him/herself won’t be emotionally stable,” says Dr. Eusebio. Emotionally unstable children are known to grow up with relationship issues, self-esteem problems, and higher tendencies to develop depression, jealousy and other negative emotions.

As such, it is every parent’s priority to help their children to manage their emotions, and keep these under control. Parents must also help their children develop the ability to feel intense emotions and understand the reason for emotions. You can achieve this by doing the following:

  • Giving your kids lots of affection and verbal affirmation.
  • Take time to make eye contact.
  • Listen, discuss and teach your children about WHY they experience certain emotions.
  • Understand for yourself why your children feel so passionate about that emotion.

Even at 5 years old, children can tell when their feelings are being taken into consideration. Most of the time, children just want to feel that their emotional state is being acknowledged.

Open communication with your children is also a window of opportunity to shape and mold a child’s character and emotional health. When they understand better why things are the way they are, they’re less likely to question them later on. And in return, they tend to act more logically, and emotionally about certain situations.

Set your child up for success and happiness in life, and help them gain the ability to be sensitive to feeling for others. While there is no right answer on how to properly raise emotionally healthy children, parents can follow these few tips to give them the best chance possible.



We wish our parents and the children a fun-filled and a relaxing mid-term break.

Thank you.

Okunade Adekemi (Mrs)

Head of Nursery