Nigeria’s 58th Independence Anniversary : Our Rich Cultural Heritage.

In nurturing children who are historically conscious, New Hall International School uses the occasion of Independence Day celebration to show our children the richness of Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

Yearly, different events are organized for children to showcase and talk about their culture.  From dressing and food and greetings, to music and dance, all children are given a chance to represent the unique and diverse cultures of the country.

Independence Day is also a time when children are encouraged to speak their native language. While emphasis is given to the need to raise children who will compete globally, we do not want our children to lose touch with their own culture.

This year, children from all classes are happy to make presentations in various Nigerian languages. They are also taught the different ways of greeting across Nigeria’s cultures.

For Upper Primary school and College they are documentaries chronicling Nigeria’s history from pre –colonial, colonial, post-colonial and democratic years. The children are then given an opportunity to share their views on topical national issues. They are guided to understand that part of their education is learning how to respect people with different cultures and views.

There is a deliberate plan from the school to make each year’s anniversary celebration more than a costume party, but a time for children to learn about the numerous ethnic groups in Nigeria, and a time to inspire in every child, a sense of national pride and honour.