New Hall International School is happy to welcome all its students, staff and parents to the beginning of a new academic session 2020/2021.

The theme for this session is Redefined Learning. You will agree that teaching and learning have witnessed a drastic change in the face of COVID- 19. Many educators across the globe have seen the role of technology in 21st century education.

Hence for first term the school’s focus will be on digital citizenship, various programmes will be designed to help children understand the need for safe and responsible use of technology for learning, this is important since a lot of our students will be learning online this term.

The safety of all New Hall pupils both in classroom and online is paramount to the school management.

For children resuming in physical classroom option, the school has prepared to protect them for COVID-19 by putting various measures in place: enforcement of face mask wearing, regular disinfection of school premises, creation of more hand washing points and sanitizer dispenser, and special committee to ensure enforcement of safety measures.

Similarly, the school plans to keep children within bubbles – that is the same children and staff will be kept together separately to minimize unnecessary interaction within the school premises and reduce potential spread of COVID-19. There is also plan to limit access to visitors and numbers of parents within the school premises at any particular time.

New Hall wishes all pupils, staff and parents a fabulous and rewarding 2020/2021 academic session!