It is heart-warming to pull through to the end of a successful term. We resumed our blended learning amidst all the uncertainties generated by COVID -19 pandemic, further aggravated by “EndSARS” protest. We did our best as a school to follow all the safety guidelines and uphold best practices in managing and adjusting to the state of affairs. We wish to appreciate all our parents for collaborating and believing in us at such a critical time, to ensure the safety of every one of us. We wish to reassure you of our continued compliance with all safety precautions.

With the orientation programme on first day of resumption which highlighted expectations for the session, goal setting as well as safety guidelines, pupils were set for the term.

It has been an exciting learning experience and adventure. We created an engaging learning environment and with your support, our children have substantially developed more skills, confidence and love for learning.

In line with our theme for the Year “REDEFINED LEARNING” which corresponds with the theme for the term “DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP”, our focus was on nurturing technology-driven learning, pragmatic tools and strategies that will transform learners’ experiences progressively. We developed a robust curriculum that combines enriched content with other life skills. There was less emphasis on achievement of standardized learning outcome and more of developing practical skills and attitudes that will enable them to succeed and thrive.

We did record remarkable success in our blended learning approach, despite the occasional internet fluctuations. Not only did it allow flexibility, there was effectiveness especially with low ability learners.

PROGRESS REPORT: Our cognitive assessment was based on CA1, CA 2 (which was generated from Class work, assignments and weekly tests and projects) and Examination scores.

The C A 1 and End of Term Exam results showed significant advancement across the classes. Most children who were struggling last session had raised grades. This is good news because our standard testing technique was unaltered.

REMEDIAL CLASSES: Our remedial intervention classes resumed fully after the CA 1 test for children having challenges with Mathematics and English (reading and comprehension in particular). With the apps introduced by the teachers, improvement was recorded as evident in End of Term Exam grades.

Similarly, early morning drill for Year 6 class has kicked-off. We appeal to parents to partner with us by ensuring children’s early arrival for the drill.

PROJECT WORK: Thank you for supporting the children’ Term 1 project work. Project work has continued to reinforce learning through learners’ involvement.


Virtual Independence Day celebration: We joined the rest of our compatriots to celebrate Nigeria at 60. Thank you so much for kitting our children in Nigerian traditional attires.  The event tagged, “Commitment to Sustainable Growth” featured key areas such as our challenges as a nation, cooperate duties of every Nigerian for radical reformation, 2030 United Nations Sustainable Global Development Goals versus the state of our nation.

Election of Prefects: This yearly activity was specially packaged to expose children to the electoral process and democratic nature of leadership. Children in the Key Stage 2 elected their leaders through secret ballot system. The Swearing-in Ceremony/decoration of prefects held in the school Grand Hall on Friday 7th December, 2020. The prefects have been meeting every Tuesday to discuss the affairs of the school.

Parliamentary Debate/Public Speaking

The activity held in two categories with the Year 1- Year 4 engaging in Public Speaking and Year 5 and 6 representation for Parliamentary debate.

Year 5 and 6 pupils engaged in Parliamentary debate on the topic, “Should gender be a determinant in leadership?” With Year 6 supporting and Year 5 opposing.

Key Stage 1 debate was public speaking. Year 1 spoke on the topic, “Is cartoon good for children or not?”  Year 2 spoke on the topic ‘Physical learning is better than online learning? Year 3 presented on general topics such as Eiffel Tower, Best profession (medicine) and Nigerian leaders.

Year 6 won the Upper Primary debate, Year 2 won the Lower Primary Public speaking.

Joshua Ekpoette (Year 6) and Chidinma Anozie (Year 2) emerged the most outstanding speakers.

Open Day: We use this medium to appreciate you all for the good attendance during our Open Day. We have reviewed all the observations and comments and are implementing the action plans to ensure we address all areas of concern satisfactorily.

While we were flexible in enforcing some of the school rules, it is important to reiterate areas of attention.

We are all busy people, but must put a routine in place whereby children are engaged in their home study (homework, reading etc.)  We appreciate all the parents for the commitment thus far while we motivate the children towards optimal performance. With constant reminders on values that underpin our every action, we have had quite a successful term.

Communication: We guaranteed good home-school communication via our channels (communication book, email, SMS, schooberry portal, Microsoft Teams) so that you can stay informed proactively. However, we still appeal to parents to share any change in email addresses and phone numbers with us for a more effective process.

Punctuality: Our children, both online and on site are expected to be in school on time, at least 10 minutes before lessons start. We experienced late coming mostly with physical pupils and boycott of lessons with online pupils. Occasional network challenges are logical. Nonetheless, if for any reason your child/children will be absent, please send in a letter or email to the Principal. Log in challenges should also be shared promptly.

School Meal

We are happy to inform you that we employed the service of a new and well-experienced chef. There is great improvement in our school meals and our children can attest to that.

Birthday Celebrations: This term, we disallowed edibles for birthday celebration for obvious reasons. We wish to sincerely appreciate parents who understood the reason behind our decision and donated interesting and age-appropriate books to class libraries.

Good Digital Citizenship: As our children continue their exploration with technology as a tool for learning, it is important to monitor them closely and also ensure control systems on their gadgets and the sites they visit, especially the unsafe sites. The school will discipline any child who fails to comply with the laid down class rules and regulations while online, such as leaving the class without permission, disrupting the flow of lessons with background noise, sending spiteful chats, body shaming etc.

Maintaining Safety Guidelines: While we hope for an enduring solution to the COVID 19 pandemic, we must continue to observe frequent hand washing exercise, use of sanitizer, Personal Protection Equipment, social distancing in and out of school to ensure optimal safety.

Club activities: We are optimistic that the ban on all club activities will be lifted next term. We are also restructuring our clubs to more engaging activities, based on a prepared outline of activities per week.

End of Term 1 Results: Results will be available for viewing on our Schooberry portal from 29th December, 2020. In case of any challenge with accessing the portal, please call:

Please, also note that from second term, every assessment will be administered in school. We assure you of our compliance with all safety guidelines.

Recap of major projections for 2020/2021 school year

  • Heavy attention on IT skills
  • Discovery based learning
  • Language development
  • More exposure to Math skills
  • Reinforcement of leadership skills
  • Hand Writing (Nelson)
  • Instrumentals
  • School organized competitions
  • International tours
  • Academic assembly fortnightly

Watch out for

  • Inter House Sports competition
  • AISEN Competitions
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration
  • Spelling Bee Contest
  • Open Day
  • New Hall College Exam: This will hold in two batches 20th February 2021 and 22nd May 2021.

Our open-door policy is very much in force, please book an appointment with any of the School Administrators or your child/children’s teachers if you have concerns. However, teachers will only be available at 3:00pm.

Resumption Date: School resumes for Term 2 on Thursday 7th January, 2021. We expect early resumption to avoid unnecessary backlogs of work.

Wishing every New Hall family, the best of the season and a prosperous and rewarding Year 2021 in advance.


Nkwontah Chinedu

    Primary Principal