New Hall Celebrates Teachers!

World Teachers’ Day

New Hall International School joins educators all over the world to commemorate 2018 World Teachers’ Day. The theme of this year’s celebration, THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION MEANS THE RIGHT TO A QUALIFIED TEACHER, is in line with our philosophy at New Hall School. We believe that only qualified and dedicated teachers should be in the classroom, and this is reflected in our recruitment policies. There are highly qualified teachers in our team. We are proud to say that we have teachers who have attained the highest academic qualification in their field.

However, in line with our culture of continuous improvement, teacher training and development programmes are weekly for all teachers at New Hall School, we create an environment where teachers are abreast of boundless changes in 21st century education.

Today, we identify with teachers all over the world as we celebrate their roles in development of students and society. We especially thank teachers at New Hall School for their hard work. Happy World Teachers’ Day!