In a time where leadership is a global challenge, school prefectship has become one of the most useful strategies in grooming children to be responsible and reliable leaders in their communities.

At New Hall International School, prefects are elected yearly based on proven character and academic merit, as well as presentation of an effective manifesto in a campaign that is attended by the entire school.

The elected prefects are groomed to provide leadership to other students and to serve as role models, maintaining the highest standards in morals and academics. They also assist teachers and management at various school functions.

The experience as student-leaders in a diverse school community, prepares New Hall prefects for bigger leadership roles outside the school.  It helps them build various leadership qualities such as communication, public speaking, helpfulness, politeness, confidence, hardwork and commitment.

We congratulate New Hall International School prefects for 2020/2021 academic session, and wish them great success in their various roles and responsibilities all through the school year.