20th October, 2023.


                   NEWSLETTER FOR FIRST HALF TERM 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Warm regards to you all. We welcome our new parents on board of New Hall International School. We are so proud of your patronage and trust given to us to teach and mould our students to excel in their academics and perform well in life when they face different challenges in future. We are grateful. Kindly read through and notice the important information for actions.

FIRST CAT 1 ENDS: We are happy to inform you that the first CAT1 has come and gone and we have different results for the exercise. The efforts of our students are improving and this gladdened our hearts. We are not going to leave any stone unturned to make them understand all what they needed to know while in school.

OPEN DAY: We appreciate all parents who turned up for the first Open Day of the session. We promise to look into all complaints raised on the performance of our students and some other issues. There will be great improvements and we shall communicate when they are done.

BOOKS: We are so sure that our students have their books now. Please carry us along if we have some omissions.


FUN DAY: The annual program organized by the PTA in conjunction with the school holds on 21st October, 2023. The event is for all family members of New Hall. Colourful T-Shirts have been given to everyone to make the day so colourful, eventful and interesting. You are all enjoined to come and have fun. It’s a time to rest and relax from all the busy and hasty life of Lagos and environment. Kindly make it a date with us. We will not forget the experience in a jiffy.


The Lower College students are going on an excursion on Monday 23rd October, 2023.They are going to Green Finger at Sangotedo. They are expected in school at 7.00am.We plan to leave early because of traffic on the route to the place. Any child that comes late shall surely miss the great fun because we will not extend the waiting period. This information is very important.

NOTE BOOK AUDITING: We are checking all students’ notes to make sure our students and teachers are doing the right things. We discovered that some of our students are not copying their note to dates. We want them to use this midterm to make all notes up to dates. We will not condone any act of laziness from them. Kindly help us to make this possible.


The midterm is a period of relaxation but equally laced with some school activities because our students might forget their assignments and note copying if left alone to play. They are enjoined to do all assignments and projects during the short holidays because they attract marks.

CAT 2 DATE: The CAT 2 is expected to start on 13th November, 2023 and ends on 17th of the same week. We want all our children to seize the opportunity to rewrite all mistakes of the CAT 1 and emerge victorious in the second test. They can do it, yes they can!

1st TERM EXAMINATIONS DATE: The all school examination date for the first term 2023 academic session starts on 27th November, 2023 and ends on 1st December, 2023. Let’s plan for the great days and bring the best out of our children.

CLASS PARTY: Class party for this term comes up on 13th December, 2023. All children are expected in their Sport wear.


The school is going agog for the celebration of Christmas in earnest with the celebration tagged SANTRAVAGANZA. It’s going to be filled with fun. Let’s all participate in the programme.


Boarders are expected in school on Sunday 29th October, 2023 and the whole school resumes on Monday 30th October, 2023 from midterm.

We wish our dear students a wonderful Midterm break. God bless us all. Amen.

With loads of Love to everyone from New Hall family; Bye till we see after midterm!


Mrs. Ayeni Susan Olusola.

Principal Lower College NHIS