New Hall Football Academy !

New Hall Football Academy is a professional football development academy, friendly designed to make positive difference in the lives of young people, giving them the perfect opportunities outside the classroom by taking part in specifically designed football programs and other special social and academic activities running weekly.

We are a professional football development Academy which combines the latest football and educational philosophies with first-class facilities to make football fun. We develop our players in a positive and supportive environment that focuses in encouraging players within the parameters of an overall academic ethos and sports philosophy.

Our vision is to provide quality football skills and proper development training for the youths with a harmonized FA/British educational curriculum system through recreational and residential programs to build the next professional stars.

The missions of our football academy are;

  • to run an in-school, after-school, Open football Camping & Weekends professional development training for our feeder team trainees.
  • to run a complete World class residential and educational football academy.
  • to provide elite players for the professional team.

Our football academy facilities are impressive and similar or better than some of the Academies of English Premier League clubs. The Academy has 1 turf field, restaurant, gymnasium, Equipment Store and weight room, physical therapy room, medical room, instructional rooms with smart boards and tactical boards, classrooms, computer room, laundry, two locker rooms, offices, swimming pools, general sports court and dorms for 50 players.

Our Football Academy has five teams; U5 – The Cub Team, U10 – Star Flyers, U12 – Super Strikers, U14 – Goal Getters, and U17 – Premier Squad.

Some of our Elite players go to school in the mornings and train in the afternoon five days a week. Our U17 – Premier Squad Team signs professional contracts and train twice a day. Practices are typically two hours long on weekdays, but more on weekends.

All age groups play one game a week on Saturday and Sunday.

Our U10, U13, U14 and U15 teams have 25-30 players each.

About 10-12 players from each team come from out of town and these players live at the Academy on a well-structured plan. They are on a residential –academic focused football academy plan; hence they study in the morning (8:00am – 12:00pm) at New Hall International School, Lekki; while being at the Academy for afternoon/evening training (1:00pm -6pm).

For others with choice of half-day schools outside Chevy View Estate, a bus shall take them to various schools of their choice and then pick them after half-day school and brings them back to the Academy for afternoon/evening training.

The local players who live at home within Chevy View Estate make their own way to the Academy in the afternoon after school training.

The highly talented U17 and older teams have about 11-21 players. These players are on professional contracts and train twice a day during the week.

New Hall Football Academy has a salary structure for Academy elite players that are highly talented and who have appeared for the pro teams or the National Teams.

The Academy is very careful about how their young talented players are ready to handle the fame and fortune that comes with being a professional soccer player in Nigeria or elsewhere in the World. Hence, Players are groomed for things such as being paid more money, press conferences, dealing with the pressure of playing with seasoned professionals, etc.

Approximately 30-40% of talented players can be released and replaced during the season or at the end of the season. The Academy has a scouting network that is always looking for new players and partners with top clubs in Europe.


Under 10;(5—10 Years old) Saturdays only   7:45am—9:45am


Under 13: (11– 13 Years old) Saturdays only 7:45am—11:45am


Under 16:(14—16 Years old) Saturdays only 7:45am –11:45am


Under 19:  (17—18 Years old) Saturdays only

Sundays only




Under 10: (5 –10 Years Old Mondays -Fridays 7:45am—12:00pm
Under 13: (11– 13 Years old) Mondays- Fridays 7:45am—12:00pm
Under 16: (14 –16 Years old) Mondays- Fridays 7:45am —12:00pm
Under 19 (17-19 years old) Mondays—Fridays 7:00am—12:00am

The New Hall Football Academy football camps are open to boys and girls ages 5 – 18.

The New Hall Football Academy offers football camps for individual football players, football clubs, and high school football teams in Lagos and its environs.  Our summer football camp players and teams typically come from other states in Nigeria and other African countries. We intend to host international teams from Trinidad, USA and Canada soon.

We have limited enrollment on a first received basis for all day camps and residential camps.

The football camps are directed by Henry Iwuanyanwu, ex-International Produta, (UEFA A, ICB A license, NSCAA Premier & Advanced National Diploma, FA Badge – England, FA Badge – Scotland) and Sports Director at New Hall International School and Academy Director/Head Coach, New Hall Football Academy, Lekki.

Yearly, special football personalities (Ex Internationals) are invited to support the summer football camp with an organized football clinic for young players.

The New Hall Football Academy, Lekki offers several summer football camp programs:

  • YOUTH SKILL DEVELOPMENT CAMPS for boys and girls ages 5 – 18.
  • ELITE CAMP  for travel, competitive, and premier level players age 10 – 18
  • TEAM CAMPS for youth club football teams and high school football teams.

This 2018 Summer Football Camp starts on Monday, 9th July, 2018 till Friday, 17th August, 2018. The summer kicks off daily with instructional class at 7:45am and ends with many fun and training activities at 12:00noon.

For enquiries, Call 08164049940

The Academy teams play in three leagues – a school league, city league and state league. All these leagues comprise the Academy teams from other pro clubs, private football Academies, International Schools and other independent club teams.

The Academy teams play using different formations. The Academy favor this over a system that is rigid where all teams must play using the same formation like the Dutch 4-3-3 for example.

New Hall Football Academy believes that not only is the formation dependent on the type of players in the team but it is also good soccer education for players to learn how to play in different formations.

We believe it is important to give our players exposure to competition as part of the development process – they have to learn to deal with pressure of important games.

Therefore, U12-U14 plays about 60 games per 11 month season.

The U17 or above plays about 90 games per 11 month season

Another part of developing the playing and cultural experience of our young players is by taking the Academy teams over to Europe regularly on a planned structure or sponsorship for tournaments and exchange programs.

Players have cards to swipe when entering the restaurant so they are monitored to ensure they are getting the required, enough and needed rations to keep them fit for the game.

They eat five meals a day. At U12 the players don’t do any weight training other than for physical therapy. They learn how to use weights but don’t start using them until U14.

At U14, they start a light program and then at U17 participate in a more in-depth weight program. All the players meet regularly with the team psychologist/councilor. Injury prevention is important so the players use the ice pool after each training session.

Injuries are looked after by the physical therapist and the academy specialized doctors.

Each team have a full-time staff of; First Team Coach, Assistant Coach, GK Coach, Conditioning Coach, Psychologist/Councilor, Masseur and Team Manager. The coaching staff typically stays with their age group and don’t continue with the same group of players year after year.

However, sometimes a coach will move from the U12’s to the U17’s for example. All coaching staff is under the directive of the Academy Director/Head Coach.

The staff includes, full time, coaches, chefs, doctor, psychologist, Supportive academic special subject teachers, cleaners, conditioning/fitness coaches as well as support and office staff.

Players Evaluation

We developed a software program to enable us keep track of the history of every one of our youth players. The software program keeps track of every training session and participated in by every player. It keeps track of every game and the comments of the coach on his/her performance in those games. It also keeps track of yellow cards, injuries, medication, counseling, physical growth, weight training, conditioning, conditioning tests and times, schoolwork and other things. So when a player is being discussed as a possible move to an older team or to be let go, the coaches involved have a full history and data that they can look at as well as personal knowledge.

The players are evaluated periodically and seasonally.

The New Hall Football Academy shall be well known in Africa for successfully developing players who will go on to play for the pro teams. We are committed to raising young stars through first-rated football technology for global competitiveness.

New Hall Football Academy believes strongly that their players get an education and school is mandatory for their U14 and younger players.

We have a rule that if you miss one day of school, you miss that weekend’s game. If you miss two days of school, you miss the next two games and so on. We also provide educational facilities and computer rooms at the Academy. We have a full-time Special Subjects teacher at the Academy and all players are supported or assisted academically for educational improvements.

African players are often exploited by some agents. Every year over 1,000 African players go overseas, some as young as 16 years old. But every year, over 700 of them return for a variety of reasons. So New Hall Football Academy wants to make sure that their young players are not only ready in soccer terms but also culturally and maturity wise as well.

We adopt a reasonable working season calendar for some of our teams.

The season is 11 months long and begins in March.

 February; Training & Academics

 March; Training and friendly games

 April-June; 17 games in 13 weeks in the City League

 July– August; Open Summer Camping (Off Season)

 August-November; 20 games in 16 weeks in the State League

 December; National tournament with 9 games in 9 days

 January; National tournament with 7 games in 9 days

During the April-June period, the Head coach/Academy Director schedules 17 friendly games for those players that don’t play in the City League games.

The objective of the April-June period is not results but to improve technical skills in game situations and improve the understanding of the system of play and team tactics.

For the National Tournaments, we take an extensive group of support staff including the Head coach, assistant coaches, conditioning coach, physical therapist, masseur, doctor, team manager and equipment manager.

Prior to the tournament, the nutritionist prepares a special diet for the days leading up to the tournament and then a daily diet while at the tournament that includes recovery bars, gels, drinks as well as regular meals.

For physical recovery, we take plastic pool with us, so each player takes a 6 minute ice bath after each game. Typical recovery stretching is also enhanced with massages and input from the physical therapist.

However, even with all these, the coaches might still notice a drop in the level of physical performance and often rest players for 2-3 days during the tournament so they are fresh for later games.

The team consists of about 30 players. At the end of the season, only about half might be invited back to sign pro contracts as part of the U17 team so it is a very important year.


Address: New Hall Stadium

New Hall International School, Lekki

Off Chevron Drive, Chevy View Estate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: 08164049940, 08033395673, 017936886