Child Requirements


The School provides warm and nourishing cooked lunches every afternoon. Fruits are also served to compliment each child’s nutritional needs.  Each child is free to bring their own refreshment of snack break


The health of every child is of great importance to us at New Hall.  We take precautions to limit the spread of communicable illnesses at our school. For example, parents are advised to keep their child away from School when he/she has one of the following symptoms:

–     A fever above 37 degree or more during the previous 24 hours.

–     Symptoms of possible communicable disease including mumps, vomiting, bowl movement that indicates the possibility of infectious diarrhea, sore throat, red eye and constant cough.

–     Rashes that may indicate the possibility of measles or other disease.

–     Blisters indicating the possibility of chicken pox.

–     Restlessness, lethargic behavior, lack of appetite, refusal to participate in usual activities, extreme irritability or clearly unusual behavior for the child that indicate the likeness of an upcoming illness.

–     Children are not allowed  in School if they have been vomiting during the evening of the morning before School.

–     We will also require letters from parents explaining why a child has been kept from School.


In the event of minor injury to a child, the School nurse will administer first aid. The parents will be notified by way of an accident report form. In case of a serious injury parents will be notified immediately and steps will be taken to get appropriate medical treatment.

Parents are to ensure that all phone numbers on the child’s form are current.