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Primary School
The School aims to provide a rich and varied curriculum to promote the all round development of the children. The teachers make conscientious preparation for their work paying appropriate attention to the main areas of the learning experience which are to be promoted.

Thoughtful organization of the daily routine allows the School's day to run smoothly and creates appropriate periods of uninterrupted play, both indoors and outdoors. Good use is made of the mid-morning snack and the lunch routines to help develop the children’s social skills. The daily timetable emphasizes opportunities for the children to make choices and to freely explore the full range of activities while providing a good balance of free play and academic activities.

The staff engage the children in valuable discussion about their play and experiences, and participate sensitively in many of the activities.

To provide an environment where each child can develop a sense of security, warmth, love and affection.
To make each child feel valued.
To provide equal opportunities for each child.
To encourage self confidence, achievement and high self esteem.
To offer opportunities for children to be creative while maintaining appropriate protection and supervision.
To use language to strengthen and provide meaning to all what we do.
To promote positive attitudes to learning.
To give children opportunities to interact with their peers and adults.
To ensure children develop an awareness of the needs of others and a sense of appreciation.
To encourage independence and a sense of responsibility.
To enable the children to gain a sense of social awareness and knowledge relating to their world.
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New Hall International Schools,
12 Adegbenle Street,
Chevy View Estate,
Off Chevron Drive, Off Udeco Medical Road,
Lagos, Nigeria.
New Hall International Schools,
P.O.BOX 52363 Falomo, Ikoyi,
Lagos, Nigeria.
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